Who's playing?

Enter the names of the people who are playing with a rough guess as to how good they are out of 100 (This helps to keep the teams as even as possible).


TOP TIP: Just want random teams without ratings?
Select "Reset ratings" then "Pick Teams"

The Teams

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TOP TIP - Did you know, GrabABib.com Team Builder works without internet signal on your phone! Give it a try - Turn off your mobile data and pick your teams again. Handy for when you are playing in a football hall with no mobile signal.

How it works

We take the hassle out of football team selection.

Player entry

Enter the names of the people playing with a rating as to how good they are. This is just a rough estimate to keep the teams as fair as possible.

Pick the teams

Select 'Pick teams' - That's it!

Let our team selection algorithm pick the teams for you.

Grab A Bib

Grab A Bib and start playing!


What is Grab A Bib?


Grab A Bib is an easy to use, automated team builder. No need to log in to use!

We take your players and separate them into fair, even teams, so you don't have to.

That means more playing time and less arguing.

Play with the same guys each week with the same ratings? We vary the teams so that they are not always the same and as close to the same team rating as possible.

Let us select your teams for you. Just remember to... Grab A Bib!


Your 5 a side / 6 a side indoor football only lasts 1 hour.

Generally, no one likes picking teams in case they turn out unfair with too many "Superstars" on the one team (You know who you are!).

With no one picking teams, your time is wasted at the start of your session, costing you time and money.

When teams are eventually picked, they can end up uneven / heavily one sided - This leads to time wasted changing teams, frustration and dangerous tackles (Well, in our experience anyway!).

WITH Grab A Bib

Saves you time and money picking each team.

No one ends up being 'that guy' who picked un-fair teams.

Fair teams, all thanks to our team selection algorithm.

A competitive, fun game of football where either team can win!

Available team sizes: 5 a side, 6 a side, 7 a side, 8 a side, 9 a side, 10 a side and 11 a side team selection.

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